Steel Buildings

We sell the highest quality steel framing and metal panels.

Available Colors

Elite Outdoor Buildings only uses top-quality steel panels for our buildings.  the method used to seal the steel and bond the paint to its surface provides decades of low to no-maintenance beauty.  Offered standard in 17 colors, you are sure to find the look what you're going for, whether to match your home or to reflect the color of your business.

  • 20’ side heights available
  • 180 MPH wind loads
  • All Florida Certified
  • Best warranty in the business!!!!
  • 40 year panel warranty
  • 20 year framing warranty
  • 1 year workmanship
  • New B-Lap Siding looks just like hardie board siding



What Are the Key Benefits of a Steel Barn Over More Traditional Options?

Anyone who has much experience with a stick built pole barn knows how much maintenance is required to keep them looking and performing as they should.  With the requirement of painting or staining the barn every year to keep it good working condition its easy to see why the market has started looking for better means to protect their belonging, livestock or assets.   Steel Barns are far more robust, look good for years to come, require no painting or staining, and with their durability, these metal structures offer the following benefits.

  • Durability: Impervious to termite damage and wood mold, steel barns is perfect for even the most humid climates.
  • Installation: The smallest of these buildings can be installed in a few hours. With our steel barns, you won’t be subjected to months of construction noise.
  • Environment Friendly: They don’t require protectants that harm the environment. By going metal, you’re going green.

.Who Needs a Steel Barn?

These large buildings, typically used to shelter horses, livestock or equipment, are a must-have on the farm. Typically featuring four walls and a peaked roof also referred to,raised center aisle, these structures provide protection from weather elements. We offer three roof styles for our barns:

  • Regular Style Barns
  • Raised Center Aisle Barns
  • Straight Line Roof Barns

Farmers, equestrian lovers, and landowners have used barns over decades for:

  • Horse and livestock boarding
  • Lawn and garden equipment storage
  • Farm vehicle storage

Whether you need a place to house livestock or farm equipment, these prefabricated barns should fit your needs.