Frequently Asked Questions

How much is delivery?

We normally offer free delivery to our customers within 50 miles of our locations on our portable buildings including gazebos and kennels. The cost of installation for our steel building products is included in the sales price.


How long does it take to get a building?

Our delivery time is generally within 2-7 days for all portable buildings. It can take longer for custom orders but we have the fastest turnaround time for custom orders and you can normally have these within the same time frame.

On our steel products its take about 3-6 weeks after permits have been submitted. During the busy season 8 weeks is possible. Our sales department can give you a better idea after reviewing your situation.


Are the buildings insulated?

We offer several types and r-values of insulation specifically designed for steel buildings that help control condensation and can also be used for climate controlled buildings. Please contact our sales department for more information.


Does my site need to be leveled before installation?

For steel buildings this is very important step, because it is vital to have the area of installation as close to level as possible. The installers can typically work within a 2-to-4 inch tolerance.

Same thing applies for our portable buildings. Be sure the area is free from limbs and vegetation. Also make sure the building will fit through any gates, driveways, or openings we need to go through.


Can I add onto my building after it’s installed?

In most situations, yes, but it depends on the size and type of the original building.  Additions can only be made to buildings we have previously installed. We do not add on to steel buildings from other manufactures.


What types of ground anchors are uses to secure my building?

We have two different types of anchors.

  • For ground and asphalt installations that are Florida-certified, double helix mobile home anchors are used. Those anchors can be used on non-certified ground installations at an additional charge.
  • Wedge anchors are used for concrete installations.


What is the roof pitch of my metal building?

For regular-style carports, the roof pitch is approximately 3:12, meaning for every 1 foot horizontally, you gain 3 inches vertically. You can upgrade to 4:12.


Can the building be attached to another structure like my home or existing garage?

We cannot attach our building to an existing structure; however, we can “butt” up against as close as possible to meet your project needs.


What are my payment options?

Besides excepting cash, check, and credit we off many different financing options as well as rent-to-own with NO CREDIT CHECK.