About Us


To provide you with the best-built products, manufactured with the strongest American-made materials on the market, using local American workers, while providing you with a stress free buying experience.  

We understand that purchasing a steel building or a portable building is a large investment. Our sales team is committed to excellence and we work hard to make our customers feel confident they have chosen the right company for their building purchase. Our hard work and dedication to customer service has lead our company to become the industry leader, not only in sales, but also in customer service. We are honored for being recognized as the highest-rating in Florida. We welcome the opportunity to speak or meet with you about your next portable or steel building purchase.

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How much is delivery and installation?

On all portable buildings, we offer free delivery to our customers within 50 miles of any of our (4) locations. Setup and delivery, also includes ground anchors and blocks at no additional expense to the customer.

On all steel buildings and carports, the cost of delivery installation is always included in the sales price.

How long does it take to get a building?

Delivery time on all portable buildings is generally within 2-7 working days. For custom orders, it typically takes 1 week for your building to be built and it is usually delivery the following week (2 weeks is typical).  We are proud to maintain the fastest turnaround time for all purchases.

Delivery/Installation time on our steel buildings varies. A typical time frame is 3-6 weeks after permits have been submitted and/or your foundation is ready for the building. During the rush season, that time frame may go up to 8 weeks. Our sales department will be able to provide you a honest expectation at the time of your order. Your building will be manufactured locally in Live Oak, FL, which allows us to achieve quicker installation time over other companies that are traveling from outside of the State of Florida.

Do you offer insulation in your buildings?

We do offer several types of R-values insulation that is specifically designed for steel buildings. They help control heat, cold, condensation, and can also be used for climate controlled buildings. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Does my build site need to be leveled before installation?

When building a steel building, this is a critical step, because it is vital to have the area of installation as close to level as possible to avoid issues with framing your building properly for doors, windows, siding and roofing. The installers can typically work within a 2-to-4 inch tolerance. If your build area is unlevel, it may lead to a delay in your building being installed or worse, additional unforeseen expenses.

When installing a portable building, please make sure that the setup area is free from limbs and vegetation. Also, make sure the building will fit for delivery through any gates, driveways, or openings we need to go through in the course of delivery and installation.

Can I add onto my building after it’s installed?

In most situations, yes. It will also depend on the size and the type of the original building. Building additions can only be made to buildings that our company has previously installed. We are unable to build additions onto steel buildings built by other manufactures due differences in materials varying from one company to another.

What types of ground anchors are used to secure my building?

We have two different types of anchors. 

  • Florida-certified ground and asphalt installations require double helix anchors. These anchors can also be purchased for use on non-certified ground installations. 
  • Concrete installations require wedge anchors.

What is the roof pitch of my metal building?

For regular-style carports, the roof pitch is approximately 3/12. We also a 4/12 pitch as an upgrade.

Can the building be attached to another structure like my home or existing garage?

We cannot attach your new building to an existing structure. However, we can “butt” up to your existing structure as close as possible to meet your project needs.

What are my payment options?

We accept the following forms of payment: cash, check, debit & credit cards. We also offer many different financing options and also Rent-to-own with NO CREDIT CHECK.

Pre-Installation and Installation procedures

All building permitting and foundation construction must be completed before the delivery date. For more information about local construction procedures and zoning regulations, contact your local government office. Rules and regulations will vary significantly from location to location.

On your building delivery day the installation team will arrive with all the tools necessary to build your building on your level building site. The installation team will secure base rails and pre-assemble the frame on the ground to exact customer specifications. The installers will then secure the frame to the base rail foundation, ensuring that the entire structure is square and plumb before they complete the installation process. Once your building is completed, you will be able to inspect and review the installation crew. Final payment will be collected by the installation team upon your final approval of their work to your satisfaction.

For additional questions, please call our sales team at 386-364-1364.