Perfect to protect your car, truck, RV, boat, golf cart, Ranger (UTV), and other valuables from the rain and the sun.

Carport roof options


  • Regular Style Roof: Features a Radius Bend Frame Design with the roofing panels installed horizontally. The corrugated ridges in the panel run from front to back or end to end of the unit. Our Regular Style Roof design is the most economical unit that we offer since it does not have the hat channel, the ridge cap, the eave side trim, and the welded transition from the roof bow/truss to the leg a period.
  • Boxed Eave Style: Features an A-Frame Design which can in many situations replicate the look of your home. The roof panels on the Boxed Eave Style are installed horizontally, which means the panel’s ridges run from front to back or end to end. The Boxed Eave Style is more cost effective since it does not have the ridge cap or hat channel which are included in the Vertical Style Roof. In addition the roof bow/truss has a welded transition via a steel pin into the leg post. To finish off the Boxed Eave Style’s appearance, we install Boxed Eave trim underneath the eaves sides of the roof bow/truss.
  • Vertical Roof Style: Features an A-Frame Design with the panels installed vertically. The great thing about the Vertical Roof Style design is that the roofing panels are installed Vertically from the ridge cap down, which allows rain, snow, ice, dirt, and debris to slide off the unit with ease. Steel Panels on homes and business applications are always oriented this way. Like with the Boxed Eave Roof Style the roof bow/truss has a welded transition via a steel pin on to the legs of the unit. A Vertical Style Unit also has Vertical Roof trim on the side and trim on each to provide a finished appearance as well as a hat channel to support the vertical panels and it adds rigidity to the structure.




  • Single and multiple vehicle steel carport designs.
  • Open, fully-closed, and partially-closed side walls.
  • Metal Carports with regular ends, gabled ends and extended gables.
  • Regular, boxed eave, and vertical roof styles.
  • 29 gauge metal panels (upgrade to 26 gauge available.)
  • 14 gauge framing- (upgrade to 12 gauge available.)
  • Proper bracing used on all buildings.
  • Certified for Florida wind codes- 140mph and 180mph also available.
  • Certified Anchoring.
  • Additional options available-Ask our sales team any questions you may have

Metal carports protect cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and agricultural equipment from inclement weather and sun damage. We design and build metal carports up to 60’ wide and can be as long as you require. Choose from among…

Available Color Options

You can select one of our 17 colors for each, the roof, walls and trim.