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Our industry leading 40 year paint panel warranty at Elite Outdoor Buildings

When it comes to investing in a steel building, whether it’s for personal storage, a workshop, or commercial use, durability and longevity are paramount considerations for buyers. A critical aspect of ensuring these qualities in steel buildings is the quality of their siding and roofing, as these components are the first line of defense against environmental elements. A standout feature in this regard is Elite Outdoor Buildings’ 40-year paint warranty on siding and roofing, a notable offering when compared to other companies that may only provide a 10-year panel warranty. This article delves into what this warranty entails and assesses its value proposition to potential customers.

Understanding the 40-Year Paint Warranty

The 40-year paint warranty from Elite Outdoor Buildings is an assurance from our company that the paint on the siding and roofing of our steel buildings will not fail due to natural weathering and exposure for a period of 40 years. This warranty typically covers significant paint failure mechanisms such as cracking, peeling, chipping, and excessive fading or color change that is not consistent with normal weathering.

Comparison with 10-Year Panel Warranties

A 10-year panel warranty, often found with other steel building providers, generally guarantees that the structural panels — the actual metal sheets used for siding and roofing — will not fail under normal use conditions within a decade. While this type of warranty covers the physical integrity of the panels, it may not explicitly guarantee the condition of the paint or finish over the same period.


The Value of a 40-Year Paint Warranty

Enhanced Longevity and Aesthetics: A major advantage of a 40-year paint warranty is the extended assurance of the building’s appearance and protection against rust and corrosion, which can significantly affect the lifespan of a steel building. The quality of paint and its application play a crucial role in protecting the steel from environmental factors.

Cost Savings in the Long Run: While the initial cost of a building with a longer paint warranty might be higher, the potential savings on maintenance, repainting, and even panel replacement over the building’s life can be substantial. A 40-year warranty provides peace of mind and predictability in maintenance budgets.

Increased Property Value: Buildings that maintain their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity over time can contribute positively to property values. The assurance of a long-lasting, high-quality paint job can be a selling point should the property be put on the market.

Environmental Considerations: With sustainability becoming a more significant concern, the longer lifespan of the building’s paint reduces the need for frequent repainting, which in turn minimizes the environmental impact associated with paint production and application processes.

Considerations for Potential Buyers

When evaluating Elite Outdoor Buildings’ 40-year paint warranty, potential customers should consider the specific terms and conditions of the warranty. It’s important to understand what is covered and any maintenance requirements or practices that must be followed to keep the warranty valid. Additionally, considering the local climate and environmental conditions can help assess the importance of such a warranty.

In conclusion, the 40-year paint warranty on siding and roofing offered by Elite Outdoor Buildings is a compelling feature that underlines the company’s confidence in the durability and quality of their products. This warranty can offer significant value to customers, providing long-term savings, aesthetic longevity, and an enhanced resale value. When shopping for a steel building, weighing the benefits of such a warranty against the costs and terms is crucial in making an informed decision.